The goal that unifies the diverse stages and experiences of the priesthood formation is to form men capable of offering their entire lives to God within our apostolic society.



The objective of the Probation is that the youth make an experience of our proper style of evangelizing and of living the counsels, of our spirituality and our way of life.



The orientation of our philosophical and theological studies will be given for the realist classic tradition, which both the Fathers of the Church and the Scholastics employed for the intellectual deepening of the faith.


Jesus in dialogue with his Father is the Master of our prayer. He teaches us, as he taught the apostles, to listen to the Father and to respond to him. We live our prayer as a grace of participation in the prayer of Christ, since it springs from Christ as from its source and goes toward the Father through Him.


The community of the Twelve, congregated in unity by the love of Christ, is the model of our common life. Jesus prayed in his farewell prayer that we be one, as He and the Father are one. Given our style of itinerant life, we reaffirm our proposal to live united according to this will of Jesus.



We have as our guide and inspiration the writings of Cardinal John Henry Newman, who stood out for his intellectual deepening of the faith and for his capacity of dialogue with the culture of his time.